Turkish Rings Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish rings, Turkey rings manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality rings from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

HEDIYE CITY        Türkiye     özlem özdemir    
s polyester, polyester gift, souvenir, promotion, charms, evil eye beads, ashtray, ash plate, candlesticks, candle holders, trinket, elephants, angels, rings, model
STAR HARVEST JEWELRY CO. LTD.        Çin     Raffie Ren    
s silver, silver product, silver products, silver jewelry, ring, rings, earring, earrings, pendant, pendants, necklace, necklaces
SERTSAN MAKINA PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ergün BAŞKÖY    
s hoses, irrigation pipes, irrigation hoses, pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes, agricultural irrigation hoses, pprc pipes, pprc pipe fittings, plastic pipes, plastic pipe fittings, pprc irrigation pipes, pprc irrigation pipe fittings, hose, irrigation pipe, irrigation hose, pipe, agricultural irrigation pipe, agricultural irrigation hose, pprc pipe, pprc pipe fitting, plastic pipe, plastic pipe fitting, pprc irrigation pipe, pprc irrigation pipe fitting, polyethylene pipes, polyethylene pipe, manhole, fire hoses, elbow, coupling, couplings, rings, sockets, pe pipe, elbows, reducers, reducer, male head, sprinklers, drilling apparatus, mini valve, ball valves, socket, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler pipe, dripper, mini valves, industrial hoses, manholes, spiral hoses, male heads, female heads, abots, garden hoses, fire hose, end caps, female elbows, male elbows, ball valve, ring, abot, female elbow, male elbow, sprinkler, pe pipes, female head, pp pipes, polyethylene pipe fittings, female nipple, male nipple, drippers, clamp saddle, pprc pipe fitting, pp pipe, end cap, driplines, high density polyethylene pipes, low density polyethylene pipes, compressing fittings, clamp saddles, female nipples, male nipples, conenctor rings, inline filters, pipe stabilizers, pump connectors, pvc risers, main line valves, industry hoses, market type garden hoses, polyethylene pipe fitting, high density polyethylene pipe, low density polyethylene pipe, compressing fitting, conenctor ring, dripline, inline filter, pipe stabilizer, pump connector, pvc riser, main line valve
NAYU HANDMADE JEWELLERY CO. LTD.        Türkiye     Sel Cankız Altay    
s jewelry handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry stores, handmade jewelry store, handmade jewelry accessories, handmade jewelry shop, fashion handmade jewelry, find handmade jewelry, affordable handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry sites, silver jewelry necklaces, silver necklaces for, silver necklace, silver jewelry necklace, silver necklaces, silver bridal necklace, unique silver necklaces, silver jewellery handmade, silver handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry silver, handmade jewellery silver, handmade silver bracelets, silver handmade jewellery, silver jewelry handmade, unique handmade silver jewelry, handmade silver jewellery, handmade silver jewellry, handmade silver bracelet, handmade silver pendant, handmade silver jewelry, silver handmade earrings, handmade jewelry necklaces, handmade silver necklace, unique handmade necklaces, handmade silver necklaces, silver necklace handmade, handmade silver necklace pendant, one of a kind necklaces handmade, handmade beads necklace, silver artisan jewelry, artisan silver bracelets, artisan silver jewelry, artisan earrings silver, artisan silver earrings, unique silver jewellery, silver jewellery, silver jewellery gifts, silver jewellery store, silver jewellery stores, silver jewellery shop, vintage glass necklaces, hand beaded necklaces, handmade jwellery design, handmade jewellery, silver jewellery design, handmade filigree jewellery, filigree, artisian jewellery, handmade jewellery store, handmade jewellery accesso, artisian jewellery design, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, traditional jewellery, modern jewellery, silver rings, handmade jewellery design, unique jewellery design, affordable silver jewellery design, artisian silver jewellery design, silver jewellery sites, silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver jewellery shops, design bazaars, handmade goods bazaars
ELDE IC VE DIS TICARET LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Başak TAN    
s kitchenware, plastic kitchenwares, plastic kitchen products, plastic kitchen supplies, storage boxes, plastic storage boxes, jewelery, adornments, earrings, rings, ornaments, square storage boxes, long storage boxes, deep storage boxes, rectangular storage boxes, short storage boxes, round storage boxes, moblen storage boxes, heat resistant storage boxes, basin, bowl, plastic bowl, containers, plastic containers
GRAND BAZAAR JEWELERS ISTANBUL        Türkiye     Norm Gumus    
s grand bazaar jewelers, grand bazaar, turkish silver, 925 sterling silver, necklace, rose silver, wholesale, jewelry, gold, jewellery, rings, diamonds, emerald, ruby, saphire, tanzanite, amethyst, precious jewels, gemstones, semi-precious, rose cut, cubic zirconia, color gems
s bride, bridal, wedding, wedding dress, wedding gown, bride bouquets, flower, artifical flower, ring, ring design, ring man, rings, rings white, rings women, band mens, band ring, band white, band women, bands, bands unique, wedding bands, wedding engagement, wedding ring, wedding sets, bridal ring, designer engagement, diamond, diamond band, diamond engagement, diamond ring, diamond wedding, emerald engagement, engagement band, engagement rings, gold band, gold engagement, gold wedding, hers wedding, jewelry, marriage ring, mens diamond, mens engagement, mens gold, mens platinum, mens wedding, platinum bands, platinum ring, princess cut, princess engagement, sapphire ring, set engagement, solitaire ring, titanium wedding, tungsten, unique rings, vintage rings, wide wedding, women engagement
BIRLIK MANSON VE RULMAN LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İbrahim BAYINDIR    
s auto parts, auto part, car parts, car part, adapter sleeves, tensioner bearings, rings, fre salmons, to cut wood, periphery salmons, salmons, tensioner bearing, toyota, nissan, peugeot, fiat, isuzu, alfa romeo, citroen, renault, ford, volvo, bmw, tensioner bearings, mercedes, honda, hyundai, bmc, opel, stayer, kia, saab, chrysler, lada, audi - volswagen, range rover, subaru
s veterinary products, veterinary items, ear tags, animal ear tags, breeding animal ear tags, cattle ear tags, sheep ear tags, goat ear tags, camel ear tags, dog ear tags, cow ear tags, lamb ear tags, pig ear tags, bovine ear tags, small cattle ear tags, animal clinic products, animal identification systems, animal registration systems, animal health products, bovine tags, small cattle tags, polyurethane ear tags, polyurethane animal ear tags, plastic ear tags, tpu, rings, ear tags with metal tip
D.VECI TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Burçin Gündes    
s textile accessories, textile materials, buttons, snap buttons, fashion jewelries, fashion jewelleries, jeans buttons, no sew buttons, trims, rivets, belts, eyelets, zipper pullers, leather trims, laces, buckles, leather belts, pu fake leather belts, genuine leather belts, leather labels, leather bracelets, hang tags, textile accessory, textile material, button, snap button, fashion jewelry, fashion jewellery, jeans button, no sew button, shank button, fashion, zipper puller, rings, brooch, earrings, braclets, chains, studs, pendants, fashion jewelery, leather triming, trimmings, metal trimmings, cotton labels, ribana, brass chains, keyrings, key holders, shankbuttons, sewing buttons, sewing accessories, sew-on stones, shoes accessories, shoe buckles, tassels, metal tassels, cotton tassels, leather bags, leather wallets, rhinestone trimmings, fashion buttons, deco buttons, d-rings, metal rings, customised buttons, customised snap buttons, customised rivets, hooks, hook and eyes, closures, carabean hooks, bag accessories, wallet accessories, metal logo plates, logo plates, sew-on logo plates, wedding dress accessories, wedding dress trimmings, agraphs, leather belt, lace, leather bracelet, eyelet, genuine leather belt, buckle, rivet, belt, leather label, trim, hang tag, leather trim, pu fake leather belt
s chains, straight chains, industrial chains, roller chains, block chains, calibrated chain, link chains, twisted chains, bovine chains, dog chains, snow chains, quick links, turnbuckles, threaded rods, wire rope clips, chain shackles, s hooks, grips, rotary grips, rings, d rings, leathercrafts, clips, steel dowels, jute ropes, threaded ropes, sheet, nylon ropes, washing lines, insulated steel ropes., chalk lines, webbings, quick link (spring), quick link (screw), quick link (spring-screw), wheels, overalls, raincoats, chain, cutters, roller chain, gloves, chisels, reels, adzes, pivot hinges, tire chains, insulated steel ropes, long link chains, welded pins, bridge pins, pins with bolt, rein pins, quick link with spring, quick link with screw, press reel, well reels, flagpole reels, rail reels, ratchets, jacketed steel dowels, tubular steel dowels, hemp rope, becket braided rope, packaging rope, dog collars, pickaxes, nail bags, plicers, lifting sling, warning vests, chainmatics, climbing chains, safety chains, block chain, bovine chain, industrial chain
WEDDING35        Türkiye     SELAHATTİN YILDIRIM    
s wedding dress, bridal, bridal gown, dressy, night dresses, ring, ring design, ring man, rings, rings white, rings women, band mens, band ring, band white, band women, bands, bands unique, wedding bands, wedding engagement, wedding ring, wedding sets, bridal ring, designer engagement, diamond, diamond band, diamond engagement, diamond ring, diamond wedding, emerald engagement, engagement band, engagement rings, gold band, gold engagement, gold wedding, hers wedding, jewelry, marriage ring, mens diamond, mens engagement, mens gold, mens platinum, mens wedding, platinum bands, platinum ring, princess cut, princess engagement, sapphire ring, set engagement, solitaire ring, titanium wedding, tungsten, unique rings, wide wedding, women engagement, bridal gown, night dresses, wedding dress, bridal, dressy
CESA MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Saim KAHRAMAN    
s machines, machineries, machine spare parts, rolling benches, bearings, sleeves, bearing sleeves, pinch rolls, loop benches, disassembly apparatus, tempcores, flat steel winder pinch rolls, pinch roll boxes, tempcore boxes, horizontal loop benches, electrode columns, exit runners, finish benches, slitting casings, jaw casings, pulley casings, composite rings, composite mangles, composite connectors, rings, machine, machinery, bearing, connectors, sleeve, machine spare part, mangles, rolling bench, bearing sleeve, pinch roll, loop bench, tempcore, flat steel winder pinch roll, pinch roll box, tempcore box, horizontal loop bench, electrode column, exit runner, finish bench, slitting casing, jaw casing, pulley casing, composite ring, composite mangle, composite connector
ALI TAMER BIRLIK        Türkiye         
s hats, jewellery, jewelry, hair ornaments, giftware, rings, earrings
EKIMPAR DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İzzet OVADİYA    
s gas springs, coil springs, ignition cable sets, ignition coils, distributor caps, sensors, switches, antennas, horns, v belts, overrunning alternator pulleys, belt tensioners, crakshaft pulleys, clutch discs and covers, clutch bearings, waterpumps, air filters, cabin air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, control cables, tie rod ends, balla joints, track control arms, axial joints, stailizer links, wishbones, steering bushes, engine transmission, radiator mountings, stabilizer mountings, radiator, pistons, rings, brake discs, engine valves, cylinders, radiators, cv joints, brake pads, brake shoes, wheel hubs, oil seals, gears, brake drums, engine bearings, wheel covers, glow plugs, cylinder head gaskets, gasket kits, camshafts, flywheels, fan blade, headlights, grills, heater hoses, fan clutch, bumpers, suspension strut mountings, track control arm bushes, exhaust mountings, cv joint boots, steering gear gaiter, crankshafts, steering racks, steering wheel shafts, power steering pumps, door handles, glass lifting assembly, exhaust bellows, fenders, oil caps, oil pan gaskets, upper cover gaskets, manifold gaskets, mirror and mirror caps, wiperblades, fog and side lamps, rear stoplights and inner lightening
TROIA JEWELLERY        Türkiye     Elif Tuncalp    
s silver plated jewellery, fashion jewelry, costume jewellery, bracelets, necklace, rings, earrings, keychains, wall ornaments
s concrete equipments, concrete equipment spare parts, spare parts for concrete equipments, spare parts of concrete equipments, delivery lines, placing pipes, bend elbows, placing bend elbows, pumping cylinders, wear parts, pumping pistons, wear protection plates, wear protection rings, plates, rings, piping for concerete distributing, concrete distributing pipes, chromed pupming cylinders, pump end pipes, concrete pump pipes, gaskets, handled clamps, clamps, elbows, mixer mil sets, mixer caps, pistons, flanges, bearings, sealings, mixer gaskets, mixer pads, rubber pistons, cylinder pad sets, hydraulic cylinder pad sets, piston pad sets, connecting flanges, piston y forks, y forks, chromed bearings, pressure rings, pressure gaskets, steel bearings, s valves, trunk pipes, pressure pipes, rock valves, outlet elbows, hopper outlet elbows, boom elbows
s jewelry, jewelery, necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, magnet, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, magnets, ornaments, natural stone necklaces, crystal necklaces, gold-plated crystal necklace, wooden bracelets, natural stone bracelets, natural stone ornaments, wooden ornaments, brass bracelet, vintage jewelry
BYSU KUYUMCULUK TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Bülent Atbaş    
s gold, silver, jewelry, rings, pendants, necklaces, silver bracelets gold
DIYAMANDI KUYUMCULUK        Türkiye         
s jewelry, jewellery, diamond, diamond jewelry, diamond jewellery, diamond rings, diamond ring, necklaces, earrings, ring, bracelets, bracelet, hair accessories, rings, necklace, fancy jewelry, fancy jewellery, gold jewellery, gold jewelry, silver jewellery, silver jewelry, brooch